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Telesis Laser and Pinstamp Marking

Laser Marking & Engraving Solutions

Telesis is the leader in product identification and processing technologies. Telesis has a wide range of permanent and programmable laser, pinstamp, and scribe marking systems available. Speed and durability are incorporated into every product. With a complete staff of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, Telesis is able to support every product that leaves their facility. 

Laser Marking Systems

Traceability is crucial in the manufacturing industry, ensuring that all products are comprehensively monitored across every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution to the moment they reach the end consumer. Laser marking machines play a significant role in this process. They print unique identifiers like serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes on products that manufacturers can use to track and trace valuable information.

Fiber Lasers

Telesis offers the most versatile line of fiber laser markers in the market. The Telesis fiber laser family includes the FQ-series, F-Series, Summit Pro, and APEX lasers. These lasers are typically used on metal or plastic parts where precise, efficient, and permanent marks are required. Telesis offers fiber lasers ranging in power from 20 watts all the way to 200 watts. The decision on wattage is dictated by the material in which you are marking and the speed at which you need it marked. 

CO2 Lasers

Telesis C02 Lasers are used to produce permanent marks on nonmetallic and organic materials. These lasers are equipped with a powerful galvo-steered beam suitable for heavy-duty applications.Telesis offers both a 10-watt and 30-watt C02 laser.

Green Lasers

The EV4GDS from Telesis is a fiber-coupled, diode pumped, solid state green wavelength laser system. These systems have proven to be a “go-to” solution when your typical fiber or C02 laser system cannot achieve an acceptable mark.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lasers

Ultraviolet (UV) Laser marking machines are known for their high absorption rates. This enables them to mark various materials with little to no heat damage. The Telesis UV laser can achieve excellent contrast on a number of different materials. Especially plastic or organic.

Vanadate Lasers

For fine, precise marking, the E-Series laser offers improved beam quality, increased depth of focus, and higher peak powers when compared to fiber lasers. This makes them especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials like metal, foils, silicon, and plastic.

Class 1 Enclosures

 Laser marking requires a Class I certified enclosure. Telesis offers a number of standard enclosures. These include our BoxPro (20”x16” working space), DrawerPro, Mini-ProStation ( 26.5”x 36.5” x 24.5”), ProStation (36.5” x 37” x 30.25”), and DialPro. In the event one of our standard laser enclosures will not work, Telesis offers complete custom solutions.


For applications requiring a deep mark without the added noise of a pinstamp, the full line of Telesis Scribe units is always an option. These units are commonly used in VIN marking applications.

Pinstamp® Dot Peen

Considered as the industry leader, Telesis carries a full line of both benchtop and handheld pinstamp units. These units can be supplied as either a pneumatic driven or electronic driven unit. Based on the application requirements, Telesis can recommend the appropriate unit. Telesis Pinstamp units are controlled with the TMC470 controller or TMC520. Merlin III software is also an available option which allows users to control as well as design patterns through a PC interface.

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We recently launched a new product – it included laser marking some very detailed information in a small space, and required communication with our internal systems to assign serial numbers – Ryan walked us through the entire project and we had a great product launch.

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