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Weiss Automation Solutions

High-precision Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment

Whenever high-precision manufacturing and assembly is required, Weiss is there with a solution. Weiss specializes in both heavy and light weight part positioning, movement, and delivery. Weiss designs and builds mechatronic drive modules and subsystems for rotating, indexing, positioning, and transport. These systems serve in almost any industry or environment where fast and accurate results are needed.

Rotary Indexers

Considered to be the most reliable, flexible, and robust rotary tables available, Weiss guarantees these with a 4 year warranty.  These units are sealed for life and never require any maintenance or lubrication. Weiss offers standard rotating indexers, ring indexers, and rotary torque tables.

  • Rotary Indexing Table (TC and NC)
  • Rotary Indexing Ring (TR and NR)
  • Torque Rotary Table (TO)
  • Rotary Table with Hybrid Drive (TW)
  • Torque Rotating Unit (ST)

Pick & Place

HP and LP – Weiss offers multiple variations of a pick & place unit.  Most notable is the HP and LP models. The HP is slim, dynamic, and extremely easy to install/program.  The LP is a 2 axis linear portal designed to be plug & play.   These units are servo driven and provide extreme accuracy and speed.  When your application requires the addition of a “lift” and/or “rotating”, Weiss can add the SH unit.

Linear Actuators

Weiss linear actuators are offered in three different models. The HL, HN, and HG. Each option comes with a number of benefits over the competition. Capabilities include horizontal or vertical mounting, ball-screw, belt, or servo driven, absolute measuring, automatic lubrication, aluminum or steel construction, and more.

Transfer Systems

The LS280 system from Weiss offers a modular design capable of growing with your production needs. Expansion capabilities allow for almost an unlimited number of stop positions. The drive system is a mechanical cam drive making extremely short transport times achievable. 

The LS Hybrid from Weiss uses a classic pallet system. This allows certain assembly stations to have longer cycle times than others by maintaining control of the speed and location of pallets in specific areas of the process.

Custom Plates & Chassis

Weiss offers a number of standard sized plates and chassis/machine bases (round or square). They also offer custom units to meet your application requirements. The ability to offer a complete unit is one of the many benefits that distinguish Weiss from the competition.

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We recently launched a new product – it included laser marking some very detailed information in a small space, and required communication with our internal systems to assign serial numbers – Ryan walked us through the entire project and we had a great product launch.

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