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Direct Conveyors

Creative & Affordable Conveying Systems

Direct Conveyors manufactures the most comprehensive portfolio of low profile conveyors in the industry. Providing both standard and custom designed conveyance solutions, we can improve your productivity and efficiency to lower your operating cost. Direct Conveyors is a customer driven company with one simple goal, make it easy to purchase your material handling solution. 

Flat Belt Conveyors

Flat Belt Conveyors find widespread use in diverse manufacturing processes, facilitating efficient material handling across all industries. While they are more commonly employed for smaller or lightweight products, they serve a vital role in various material handling applications. These fabric belt conveyors play a crucial role in transporting a wide range of finished and unfinished products, commodities, or components of varying shapes and sizes. Direct Conveyors provides an extensive array of belt materials and cleat options, allowing us to design tailored conveyor solutions that precisely align with your automation requirements.

Modular Plastic Conveyors

A modular plastic conveyor employs plastic modules to create a continuous belt, serving as an essential tool across industries for material transport. Its modular design enables customization through the use of various plastic modules to meet specific requirements. These lightweight yet durable modules ensure a long lifespan, reducing system weight, energy consumption, and wear. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them well-suited for sectors like food and pharmaceuticals. These conveyors require minimal maintenance, have no belt tension, and can be easily dismantled for replacement.

Timing Belt Conveyors

A timing belt conveyor is a specialized system that utilizes a toothed belt to precisely move items along a predetermined path. This conveyor system ensures precise positioning, making it well-suited for tasks that require synchronization and indexing. Industries such as manufacturing, packaging, electronics, and automotive frequently employ this technology. Key components of a timing belt conveyor include the toothed belt, which facilitates controlled motion, and the pulleys responsible for driving the belt. The advantages of this system encompass precise item positioning, which is crucial for assembly lines and quality control processes, as well as low maintenance requirements thanks to the durability of the timing belts. Timing Belt Conveyors are often built with multiple lanes and fixturing to hold parts in orientation for robotic pick up.

Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Flat top chain conveyors are versatile material handling systems used in various industries. They consist of a continuous flat chain moving on sprockets to transport goods smoothly. These conveyors are flexible and can adapt to layouts and inclines. They handle heavy loads, are low-maintenance, and have reduced friction. They can transport and accumulate all sorts of products. The most common type of chains are plastic, which is used in the consumer goods, bottling, and pharmaceutical industries, and steel chain which is more commonly seen in the automotive industry. Direct Conveyors manufactures both types of chains in straight running and side flexing configurations to create a solution for any application.

Roller Chain Conveyors

Roller chain conveyors find extensive use in various industries for efficiently transporting heavy loads. They employ standard roller chains (#40, #50, #60) to ensure the smooth movement of products, showcasing remarkable durability and reliability even in challenging environments. These conveyors offer notable features, including the ability to handle bulky items, adapt to a wide range of load sizes, seamlessly integrate with other systems, and cater to diverse industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, warehousing, and more. Direct Conveyors manufactures a variety of Roller Chain Conveyors, including Attachment, Low Back Pressure, Silent, and Standard roller chain.

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