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Hubbell AC & DC Controls

High-performance AC & DC Devices

Rugged, high-performance AC and DC devices for industries needing reliable, solid-state, and adjustable control. Products include, contactors, switches (disconnect, drum, power limit, speed, transfer, master and pressure), crane controls, controllers, and resistors. With the wide range of products, Hubbell ICD has a product for any application.


Hubbell offers a variety of switches designed for many types of applications. These include disconnect, drum, master, power limit, pressure, speed, and transfer switches.


Used on any AC or DC power or control circuit. The resistors are corrosion resistant and can be used on high vibration applications. Proper size is determined based on volts, current, ohms, watts, altitude, grouping, and circuit conditions.


Recommended for use on heavy equipment such as cranes and mill auxiliaries. Voltage relays are used for reversing-plugging controllers with emergency or service dynamic braking, and for armature shunt contactors or multi-step slowdown circuits.

Pushbutton & Pendants

Customizable stations with easily removable covers. AC and DC rated along with single or multiple speed inserts. Pendants are typically used to control industrial cranes or industrial machines. High impact enclosures along with the compact size make these perfect for harsh environments.

Lifting Magnet Controllers

Controllers for all types of uses and brands of magnets. These assist by giving fast and clean release of different magnet loads. Long life with minimal maintenance, built to perform in situations from light scrap handling to heavy plate/billet lifting.


Industrial drives bring a number of functions to the hoist, trolley, and long travel movements of cranes. Eliminates the need for an external PLC and enables stepless speed and torque control. Hubbell Drives includes a removable memory unit that stores settings and can easily be removed for maintenance purposes.


AC and DC contactors ranging in a wide range of amperages and specifications. Used in multiple applications including gas/oil drilling, crane controls, transit and rail, and mining.


Hubbell Thruster brakes are spring set, electrically released, drum type friction brakes used with AC motors.  Brake sizes range from 8” to 30”.  The torque ranges from 50-9000 lb-ft.

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Mocker & Associates has been the rep for Hubbell-ICD for over 25 years in the following territories!  We have an extensive amount of knowledge on not only the products but also the applications where they are needed. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your industrial control needs.