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LeakMaster Leak Detection

Advanced Leak & Flow Testing Systems

LeakMaster manufactures a wide range of air leak testing instruments used in a number of different applications.They have built their reputation by innovating the industry’s fastest and most repeatable leak testing equipment. Leakmaster employs a full staff capable of determining the best way to solve your leak testing issues while also supporting you long after the sale.


The LeakMaster Defender series is the latest release designed to decrease integration cost and improve repeatability. This unit is not only capable of pressure decay applications but also vacuum. Ethernet IP is a standard on this unit which eliminates the need for wiring individual I/O. Just like all other LeakMaster units, the Defender has the ability to collect important leak test data that can be stored as a .csv file.

LM700 Series Machine Mount / Benchtop Unit

Known as a workhorse for LeakMaster, the 700 series has a proven track record of speed and reliability. The 700 series is capable of pressure decay, mass flow, and differential pressure. Ethernet IP is offered as an option with these units.

UltraFlow V3

The UltraFlow V3 is LeakMaster’s latest mass flow leak testing innovation specifically designed to reduce cycle time and improve repeatability. Flow sensors range from 0-200 sccm up to 0-300 SLPM enable the UltraFlow to quickly test large parts yet versatile enough to test small parts.

UltraFlow V3 with Remote Screen

The UltraFlow V3-RT is LeakMaster’s latest mass flow leak testing innovation with a user friendly mounting configuration. The separate Remote Interface allows the user to keep the interface very close to the operator while placing the leak test instrumentation wherever it is needed. Flow sensors ranges from 0-250 sccm up to 0-300 SLPM.

Certified Leak Orifices

For calibrated leak standards(leak orifices) LeakMaster is one of the top providers in the industry. LeakMaster takes great care to manufacture each leak standard to the specific flow rate and test pressure of each distinctive leak testing application.

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