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Walker Magnetics

Industrial Magnets

Walker Magnetics has provided superior lifting and separation magnets to the industry for over a century. They take pride in the fact they are known for their unmatched quality, attention to detail, and wide range of magnetic products. In 2021, Walker Magnetics joined the Industrial Magnetics, Inc. family, based out of Boyne City, MI. This acquisition further strengthened Walker’s ability to provide top notch magnet systems.

Heavy Lift Magnets

Heavy lift magnets are typically hung from large capacity overhead cranes, and are operated remotely by a dedicated control system. Walker offers solutions to lift almost any size or shape of steel products. Their magnets are widely known for being durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

Scrap Magnets​

Walker offers a wide range of heavy duty scrap magnets. With varying sizes that range from 30 inches to 100 inches, there is a magnet to fit any application requirement. Each magnet is built with a rugged ribbed case, manganese steel bottom plate and durable steel chains to withstand the test of time.

Separation Magnets

Walker offers magnetic pulleys, drums, suspended magnetic separators and eddy-current separators.  These products are designed to be indestructible while also performing to meet the customers needs. Walker offers both electromagnetic and permanent designs with options of self-cleaning or manual-cleaning features. Whether it is for a completely new separation facility, or a retrofit of an existing facility, we can help.

Work Holding Magnets

Walker Magnetics designs and builds the highest quality electromagnetic, electro-permanent and permanent magnetic chucks for grinding, machining, turning, EDM and molding applications. Special chuck designs are also offered to meet unique application requirements.

Total Coverage Magnets

Walker RL Magnetics are capable of lifting plates of all different sizes and weights. Whether you are trying to lift complete sheets or a finished product off a cutting table, we have what you need.

Magnet Controls

Walker offers a Solid State Controller (SSC) that can be used with any electromagnet. These magnet controllers include the option to have infinitely variable power control. The magnet controllers also offer the option for fanning or dribbling and can also be controlled via a wireless remote control. These controllers can also be supplied with an outdoor rated enclosure if your application requires such.

Self Contained Magnets

Walker offers lifting magnets for a vast range of applications using permanent, electro-permanent, battery powered and electromagnetic technologies.  These magnets are compact, easy to operate and can handle flat or round materials ranging  from 0 to 11,000lbs.

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Territories We Serve for Walker Magnetics

Mocker & Associates has been selling and supporting magnet systems for over 40 years in the following territories. Whether it is a heavy lift, scrap or separation application, we have the knowledge to help specify the correct product.