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Caldwell Lifting Solutions

Lifting Solutions

Based out of Rockford, IL, Caldwell Lifting Solutions provides a full offering of “lifting” equipment.  Caldwell offers a full line of standard equipment in different sizes as well as complete custom solutions for your application. Brands under the Caldwell Group include Caldwell, Dura-Lite, Krane-King, Lif-Truc, Mill Duty, Posi-Turner, Rig-Master, Rig-Release, Strong-Bac, Univac, Renfroe and RUD.

Lifting/Spreader Beams

Lifting and spreader bars from Caldwell are offered in a number of standard lengths and capacities. Both fixed and adjustable options are available.  Adjustable beams are offered in a manual or automatic configuration.


C-Hooks from Caldwell are considered the most robust and versatile on the market.  Whether you have coils standing upright, or laying down, Caldwell has a solution for your lifting needs. (Dixon C-Hook).

Coil Grab

If a standard C-Hook won’t do the job, Caldwell offers a full line of Coil Lifters capable of picking from the O.D. or I.D. of the coil.  These products are offered in models that allow for manual or automatic manipulation of the coil.

Sheet Lifter

Sheet lifters from the Strong-Bac line offers a quick and easy way to handle thick plates, one at a time. These products are also offered in both a manual and automatic/motorized configuration.

Pallet Lifter

Pallet Lifters from Caldwell expand the capabilities of your jib/crane where fork trucks either can’t fit or don’t have the capacity. Different models offer a range of capacities from 1 ton to 20 tons.


Caldwell Posi-Turners were designed to lift, suspend, rotate, and position hard-to-handle objects all while making the process more efficient and safe.  Standard models are offered in capacities ranging from ½ ton to 55 tons.  Offered as an option, the Auto-Leveler can take the capabilities one step further by leveling out uneven weight or off-center picks.

Jib & Gantry Cranes

The Krane-King Product line offers multiple different configurations of both jib cranes and gantry cranes that can be categorized as Portable Gantry Crane, Free Standing Jib Crane, or Column Mounted Jib Crane. All models are designed to be used with hoists and trolleys.

Vacuum Lifters

Univac Vacuum Lifters are designed for one-person operation in lifts of semi-porous and non-porous material.  Unlike magnets or edge grabs, vacuum lifters will not mark or scratch material surfaces or edges.

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