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Moorfeed Bowl Feeders

Providing You Quality Heavy Duty Equipment

Moorfeed is a one-stop-shop for feeding mechanisms. By employing some of the most skilled and talented fabricators in the world, Moorfeed is able to feed what no one else can. Whether your application requires a vibratory bowl feeder, Centrifugal feeder, tracking systems, elevating pre-feeders or even all of it, Moorfeed can provide it.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Moorfeed has provided vibratory feeder bowls of the highest quality for over 50 years. These bowls range in size from 2.5” in diameter up to 42” in diameter. Each and every bowl Moorfeed supplies is specifically designed to meet the needs of the particular customer and their application. Moorfeed vibratory feeder bowls meet the highest quality standards in the industry and prove this by lasting longer than anyone else.

Centrifugal Bowl Feeders

Centrifugal bowls, also referred to as rotary parts feeders, are typically used in applications requiring a high part rate. Moorfeed can provide dual motion, flat disc, and scallop feeder designs. The type of centrifugal used is dependent on the type of part and orientation requirements. Moorfeed’s patented centrifugal designs are unmatched in the industry when it comes to durability and longevity.

Custom Design Equipment

Moorfeed offers much more than your standard bowl feeder. They can offer engineering support, build to your print or even reverse engineer an existing system. We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting relationships. Delivering and supporting top-notch equipment allows us to do so. Bring your idea to Moorfeed and Mocker and Associates would be happy to help!

Elevating Pre-Feeders

Elevating pre-feeders are used to provide additional part storage while maintaining a safe (OSHA approved) load height. Moorfeed offers standard configurations as well as custom built designs. Standard discharge heights range from 6 feet up to 16 feet.

Tracking Systems

Inlines or tracking systems are used to move pre-oriented parts in a linear direction towards the next process. Moorfeed offers a number of different types of these tracking systems, including vibratory inline, conveyors and air tracks. Based on the parts you are moving and the rate at which they are moving, Moorfeed can help determine which type of track is best suited.

Bulk Storage Hoppers

Moorfeed offers a full line of bulk storage hoppers. These hoppers are used to achieve longer periods of time without operator intervention. Our hoppers range in size from ½ cubic foot all the way up to 40 cubic feet. Moorfeed provides a number of different hopper styles including Square top, Straight Front, Low Profile, Heavy Duty Pedestal and Mechanical (live belt) hoppers.

Additional Products

Not looking for a “standard” vibratory or centrifugal bowl, Moorfeed can still help. They also offer the following:

  • Conical Viratory Feeders
  • Step Feeders
  • Flex Feeders
  • Custom Drive Units
  • Vision Systems 
  • Mechanisms
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Coating & Linings
  • Spare Parts (Springs, Drives, Controllers, Etc.)
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We have always had great support from Mocker & Associates. Can always count on them to gather a great team of technical experts to work through application support and to respond timely with technical questions and pricing details.

Territories We Serve for Moorfeed

We proudly serve the following territories. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your bowl feeder needs.