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Deprag USA Assembly Equipment

Flexible Assembly Solutions

Deprag offers an extensive product portfolio of assembly equipment, air motors, and pneumatic tools. Based out of Amberg, Germany, Deprag has been servicing companies around the world for over 90 years! Whether you are looking for automated assembly or a manual process, Deprag has what you need.

Pneumatic & Electric

Automatic Screwdrivers

Deprag offers both pneumatic and electric screwdrivers with a number of unique features. These specific features were designed solely to improve the assembly process. Torque ranges for our screwdrivers range from 1.14 in-oz to 4,425 in-lbs. Deprag offers both handheld screwdriving tools as well as fixtured spindle screwdrivers. 

Sequence Controllers

Deprags sequence controllers are a crucial component of our electronic screwdriving system. Based on the parameters set, the controller controls the EC-drive of the screwdriver, monitors and assesses signals from the sensors, and provides operator and documentation functions.

Deprag Plus Software

Manufacturing sites are becoming more and more reliant on not only efficient tools but also the software in which these tools run on. To ensure your Deprag tools are running at their best, current software updates are available for download on the Deprag website. The software not only allows you to run your equipment but also serves as a central location for tool monitoring and data collection.

Flow Form

Adaptive DFS

ADFS combines EC-Servo screwdriving technology and EC-Servo stroke technology to drive both flow form and flow drill screws. This type of product has multiple uses and is frequently employed when lightweighting is the end goal. Common applications are where steel is fastened to steel, steel to aluminum, or even sheet metal to carbon fiber.

Robotic Screwdriving

Deprag offers driving solutions for multiple different applications. Whether you are looking to use a six-axis, cartesian, or small scara robot, Deprag has a product for you.

Part Feeding

Deprag’s product portfolio includes a full offering of feeding technologies. These include Vibratory Bowl feeders, Sword Feeders, and Step Feeders. Depending on the type of screw, size of screw, and part rate required, Deprag can recommend and supply the best product for the application. In conjunction with the feeder itself, Deprag offers a number of ancillary products. These include bulk storage hoppers, pick-and-place tooling, and clean feed mechanisms. For the manual workstations, Deprag offers screw presenters. This product is proven to increase speed while also improving the quality of your finished product.

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Very pleased DEPRAG and Mocker & Associates have recently started their partnership. We’re off to a great start – looking forward to seeing what the future brings!

Territories We Serve for Deprag

Mocker and Associates proudly serve the following territories. We take pride in the fact that we are local and can come onsite to assist with specifying the correct equipment, provide in-person demonstrations and assist in installation and training. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your Deprag needs.