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Crane Specialties Rails & Accessories

Rail and Overhead Crane Supplies

With over 100 years of combined rail and overhead crane market experience, Crane Specialties is here to support your crane and rail project. 

Crane Rail

Crane Specialties makes custom hook bolts for each order. Using the rail size, size of the I-Beam or cap channel on which the rail will sit and the hook bolt diameter this team knows exactly what hook is needed. The following hook types are available: 

  • Wide Flange
  • Channel Cap
  • Clamps & Fillers
  • Clips Bolt Through / Weld
  • Splice Bars / Joint Bars

Crane Rail Hooks

C-Hooks from Caldwell are considered the most robust and versatile on the market.  Whether you have coils standing upright, or laying down, Caldwell has a solution for your lifting needs. (Dixon C-Hook).

End Stops

Crane Specialties can create custom bumper stops for your crane and rail. Choose from adjustable or fixed stops. Adjustable stops clamp on the rail head for flexibility, while fixed stops bolt securely for new installations or required upgrades.

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Territories We Serve for Crane Specialties

We proudly serve the following territories. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your rail and overhead crane needs.