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Elettrotek Kabel Specialty Cables

Leaders in Design, Production and Supply of Customized Special Electrical Cables

Elettrotek Kabel specializes in supplying electrical cables for unique applications in various sectors. These sectors include: Automation, Security, Port & Cranes, Mining & Tunneling, Oil & Gas, Metal Industry, Marine and Offshore. Their consistent reliability and first-class customer service prove why they are global leaders in the electrical cable industry.

Automation & Security

The complex demands of technologically advanced sectors, such as industrial automation make GAALFLEX cables a perfect match. Each cable is designed according to the needs and specs of the client and are made from durable materials that truly make them high-performing.

Metal Industry

Elettrotek Kabel’s comprehensive range of electrical cables are designed to withstand mechanical stress and harsh environments. This ensures top performance and safety for all personnel that work in the metal industry.

Marine & Offshore

GAALSHIP cables meet maximum safety requirements: they are made of non-toxic materials and are resistant to high and low temperatures, weather conditions, salt, water, fire, mud and hydrocarbons. This, along with their flexibility, makes them perfect for the difficult environments that offshore platforms operate in.

Port & Cranes

Through years of research, Elettrotek has been able to createthe FLEXIDRUM and FLEXIFESTOON cables for the Port and Crane sector. These lines are specifically created for mounting on cable reels, festoons and other applications. 

Network & Security

Customized and designed for specific technical specifications, the GAALENT range is perfect for the security sector. With a broad field of applications, they can be used for almost anything network and security related–from video surveillance to alarms to fire prevention or data transmissions. 

Mining & Tunneling

Developed for both fixed installations and mobile uses, Elettrotek Kabel’s extensive range of FLEXIMINING cables can handle the most extreme conditions and guarantee maximum efficiency. This makes them great for mining and tunneling activities.

Oil & Gas

Elettrotek Kabel provides a comprehensive range of special cables for leading companies in the chemical, petrochemical and refinery sectors. Each cable meets quality and security requirements such as fire, chemical and weather resistance and much more. 

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