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MECA Systeme USA

Specialist in Carton Packaging Machinery

After 40 years in the industry, Meca-Systeme supplies a full range of corrugated box erectors as well as the ancillary equipment to supply you with a precise and robust solution for packing your products.

Corrugated Tray Erectors

The BTM2 carton erector automates the forming of corrugated cases and trays.  The past 40 years of experience drove the technical standard of the new generation of flexible and user-friendly tray erectors.  The Multiformat, BTM2 carton erector can accommodate a wide variety of different size and shaped boxes (4-glued corners, corrugated tray with sidewalls, dihedrals, corner beams, octagonal cases, ready-to-sell boxes, etc).

These case erectors are fully customizable when it comes to implementation, output rate, and finished product architecture.  

Regular Slotted Case Erectors

The standard range of slotted case erectors are efficient and effective while automating the forming and closing of corrugated RSC. Simple while still be precise is a standard that has driven MECA for over 4 decades.  Based on your specific needs, these RSC erecting machines can be configured accordingly.

Peripheral Equipment

To eliminate the ergonomic issues while also increasing the performance of your packaging line, Meca-Systeme engineers and manufactures ancillary machines to its corrugated case erectors: destacking of corrugated blanks on pallet, cap assembly, or stacking of empty trays.

Cardboard Packing Solutions

The IZI allows you to automate all your cardboard packagings effortlessly.

Easy format changeover without complicated technical settings.

A standard range of flexible, efficient and compact machines.

Equipment compatible with all the cardboard boxes or sleeves on the market today.

Operator-friendly interface and design for easy all-day use.

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Dennis Allen

Parker Hannifin Corp.

I have been working with Ryan Bryzeal of Mocker & Associates for the past 15 years.  We have worked together on numerous projects – pin printing, laser marking, etc.  Ryan has always been the best rep I work with – he is knowledgeable of the product lines, responsive in getting us answers and help and very proactive – always following up and confirming our projects are going well.  He is always extremely professional in all our dealings – kept every commitment he has made to us.

Territories We Serve for MECA Systeme USA

We proudly serve the following territories. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your packing needs.